Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Comfortable This Summer

The trouble with summer is it makes our homes too hot. Not all of us have the luxury of air conditioning installed in our homes. When the sun shines in through those windows, things can quickly heat up. It makes it hard to sleep at night and can be especially difficult for the kids cope with.
When you don’t have children, you can just escape to the supermarket or the local bar for a blast of air con. But when you’re all stuck indoors while the kids are asleep, cooling down is almost impossible. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks that I’ve come across to help stay cool in the summer. (more…)

How To Throw An Epic Birthday Party For Your Husband!

How To Throw An Epic Birthday Party For Your Husband!

So your husband’s birthday is around the corner and you want to plan him a big party, especially if its a signifant birthday such as a 30th or 40th. Then you can go all out on the celebrations.

Follow this guide to help you plan the best birthday party ever! (more…)

Humidity,Breaks and Remembering ~ #littleloves

Good morning, hope the sun is shining wherever you are and the week has been the same! We are loving the hot sunny weather but not so much the sticky overcast days, breastfeeding and humidity just leaves me in a sweaty mess!

As always on a Friday I’m joining Morgana and the girls over at butwhymummywhy to share with you what we have been loving this week (apart from the sunshine…although I’m sure that will be most people’s highlight!)

image (more…)

Tips On Buying Baby Gifts A Child Will Enjoy For Years


The birth of a new baby is an unmeasurably joyous occasion. If your friend or family has just welcomed a little boy or girl into the world then you’ll be wanting to mark this historic moment with a present. (more…)

Incredible Ways To Keep YourKids

You always need to be looking for ways to keep your kids entertained. During children’s developmental stages, it’s vital that they are stimulated. Here are some of the best ideas for ways to keep them entertained and amused.

Family Day Out

When you’re looking for ways to keep the children entertained and amused you might think about a family day out. These are a fantastic way to bond and spend some time together as a family unit. There’s plenty to do in the big cities, so you should have plenty of choices. You need to put measures in place to have a child-friendly day in the city. This means planning and preparation. It’s important that you make the experience as enjoyable for the children as possible (more…)

Overnight Oats

picmonkey_image (3)

Hello, welcome back to Tasty Thursday. I’m continuing on with a healthy recipes for this week. I find in the morning that I really don’t have time for breakfast in the mornings, but really need to eat. I’m trying to avoid bread so I’m mixing it up by having an egg one morning if I have time and the other mornings these overnight oats. They take a couple of minutes to prepare and you will have a delicious breakfast in the morning, that will keep you fuller for longer. I made mine with regular cows milk, but a lot of people prefer to make theirs with yogurt or almond milk. You can ou whichever fruit you choose, I had peach and blueberries left in the fridge so used these. Amelia loves this for her breakfast too (more…)



I love my daughter now as much as the very first day I saw her but, god she is starting to push me over the edge……some days I really feel like I will go insane! Her behaviour is typical of that of any two-year old, and add into the mix, bad habits picked up at nursery and the addition of Harry 9 weeks ago, which really pushed her off her throne. To say she is throwing her crown out of the cot is an understatement. Her time reigning as queen bee in our house came to an abrupt end.
If you want to add anything to the list below, feel free, this is a safe place, I shall not judge! (more…)

Choosing Bathroom Furniture

We are currently renting a semi furnished house, we have added our own bits that we brought back from London but there are a few things we need to get. Currently there is very little storage in the main bathroom . Anything we buy from now on in needs to be good quality items, as they will be coming to our new house (once the build starts). I love Ikea as much as the next person, but for items that I want to last through the years I’d rather pay that little extra. After years of renting, we know how much stuff we buy and then dump when moving. This time round is different as we will be going to our forever home and want to bring with us items we love.

moods-picasso-mist-2-door-vanity-unit-700mm_2 (2) (more…)



My little placid boy is two months.Continuing on from his One Month Update, here is how he is at two months.

I can honestly say that it has been two enjoyable months. He is a gentle, placid and easy baby, who you wouldn’t even know is in the house. Life is busy with two, but we are managing fine thanks to Harry being so far a really good baby. (more…)

Toddler Drama, Farm Trips and Jamie Oliver ~ #littleloves


Good morning, Friday again…… this week has gone by so quickly. My husband took Monday off for his birthday, so we have had a short week! Hope you have all had a lovely week, the humidity here is slowly killing me! If the clouds would just politely pee off and let the sunshine break through so we can enjoy our “summer” that would be great! Im linking up as always with Morgana on a Friday for #littleloves. (more…)

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