*Review* Joie Stages Group 0+ 1-2 Car Seat


A few months ago we received the Joie Stages Group 0+ 1-2 Car Seat to review, the car seat that is suitable from 0 – 7 years! I had never heard of this car seat before, and was intrigued as to how one seat would be suitable from birth to age 7 years. (more…)

Life With Two………Toddler & A Newborn


Going from one to two children takes a bit of adjustment. Prior to Harry being born we had our little routine going, the sleepless nights were a thing of the past, we were able to leave the house in relatively quick time, we could plan things and now it’s back to just winging it along. However that being said, nothing prepares you for the life changing experience of being a first time parent, life literally gets turned upside down. You are at your most vulnerable. (more…)

The Little Things That Make Your House A Home


Every parent knows, your tidy house doesn’t stay that way for long! With little ones running around, it’s often difficult to take pride in your home. There are some easy ways to reclaim your house. Below are the the little things that turn the children’s playground back into your cosy home. Every interior designer will tell you that the secret here is details. It’s all about those small touches that bring a house to life. (more…)

The Mums Guide To Gardening With Kids

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to teach your children about gardening. Kids love spending time outside, especially when the sun is out. And what better way to use outdoor time than for transforming your garden? (more…)

Reducing childcare costs


Reducing childcare costs

With our prime minister looking at ways to crack down on childcare fees it’s time that we looked upon more ways to crack down on those soaring prices for ourselves too. With the average parent spending £10,000 a year on childcare according to the baby cost calculator and the average household income bringing in £30,000 per year, it’s a wonder how many people manage. I have rounded up a few small but helpful tips and advice that will help you make some big savings. (more…)

Weight Loss, New Purchases & A Week of Emotions ~ Little Loves

Good morning, TGIF right! I for one am glad this week has come to an end. I spent the last two days on the road doing a 4 hour trip there and back travelling with Harry to see two separate friends who had both received sad news this week, news that makes me appreciate what I have, and they are friends that are worth travelling the distance for and more. I ask that you keep them both in your prayers if you are the praying type!

This was how Harry felt after a 4 hour round trip!

image (more…)

Imaginative DIY Ideas For Kids Rooms

DIY projects can be so much fun, for me it’s as I love to see the results. I think handmade items for finishing touches are a great way to personalise your child’s room. It also means you can make keepsakes they may even bring into their bedrooms as adults! DIY doesn’t have to take up too much time, so try these ideas and combine them with shop bought items for a dreamy bedroom.

Create Cool Storage

Source (more…)

Chicken Satay Skewers


It’s “Tasty Thursday” which means it’s time for another Family Friendly Recipe. This dish will be a big winner with the adults and kiddies and much tastier than a SATAY from a take-away!Serve with boiled rice or coconut rice for something different. Annabel Karmel has recently published a new family meal recipe book, which we are loving, this recipe has been taken from this. Annabel Karmel Family Cook (more…)

*REVIEW & GIVEAWAY* 360 Junior Beaker


Like many other parents we have gone through our fair share of plastic cups/beakers in the last 12 months or so. Some are just useless, some leak, some are impossible to suck out of and a lot of them get lost.

For me the perfect beaker is one that is easy for Amelia to drink her water from, doesn’t leak and can be used in the car without spilling if thrown onto the ground. Not much to ask for, but very few toddler/training cups do all of the above. (more…)

The Essential Guide To Creating A Garden Your Children Will Love

Summer is just around the corner, you want to make sure that your kids make the most of the garden. If you struggle to encourage your children to play outside, you might need to rethink your garden. The outdoor area should be comfortable for your kids, and so you need to design a space that they will love. Read this guide and start changing your garden for the better today.

Step 1: Create a sand box


Okay, so you might think that this idea is a little American, but children love it. If your kids have somewhere to play outside, you will find that they never want to sit inside watching TV. You can make a sandbox yourself using some old wooden beams and, of course, some sand. You should make sure that the beams are smooth and that there are no rough edges. That way, your kids will be safe. (more…)

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