DIY In The Garden? Here Are My Suggestions

Before the snow, or more likely, the rain comes and buries our gardens, I’ve been out in mine trying to improve it. I love adding different features to my front and back yard and well as just cleaning it up a little. I like it when my grass is green, my fences aren’t worn out and my garden stands out from the rest on the street. To achieve this, these are the steps I’ve been taking that you might want to follow.


Tidy It Up




Chicken, Lemon and Garlic Casserole


Good morning, welcome back to Tasty Thursday. Every Thursday I post a recipe that is Family Friendly, Something my two year old will eat, meaning there is only one meal to cook.

This chicken casserole is full of flavour and if the chicken is cooked slowly it will melt off the bone. It's on the menu in our house tonight.

Casseroles are great, a one pot dish that can be bunged in the oven and left to cook.


Saying Goodbye To Breastfeeding


I have stopped breastfeeding Harry. Writing this makes me a little sad, as it's happened very suddenly and not planned.

After a long battle to get Harry to take a bottle, which you can read about here, we now have turned full circle and he is a full time bottle fed baby as of last weekend.

I have been slowly dropping breastfeeds over the last few weeks as he has been more open to taking a bottle. He is going to bed at 7pm with a 6oz bottle, will wake at 11:30 and anywhere between 3 and 5 am.

For the early morning feeds and first feed in the morning I was still breastfeeding. However over the weekend I gave him a bottle. Yes it meant getting up out of my warm bed and down the stairs to make and heat a bottle, but he has been a lot more settled and satisfied after a bottle, so it was worth it to get a few extra hours sleep.



harry 5 monthd Harry turned 5 months over the weekend and as much as I'm clinging on to every second of the small baby stage, I won't lie, I'm so happy to see the back of the last 2 months, they have been hard with regards sleep at night. We (fingers crossed) seem to be coming out the other end now, and nights are a lot more settled and though he is waking still twice, I'll take that over the hourly wake up calls. With every month that passes I'm also a month closer to going back to work, I've been dreading it for a while, but I think I'll be more than ready come January. Sitting in a freezing park to pass the day is starting to loose its appeal.


My Favourite Ideas For Making Your Kitchen More Family Orientated

As a mummy to two beautiful children, my whole life, and home, revolves around them. However, one area of my home that I have always struggled to make family friendly is my kitchen.


For many of us, like our living rooms, our kitchens are places where we spend a lot of time with our children. Despite this, our kitchens tend to be functional spaces for cooking and eating, and that’s it. However, that shouldn’t be the case, as kitchens have so much potential to be amazing family spaces.


A Guide To Upgrading Your Home To Accommodate Young Children



Children change your life in almost every aspect imaginable. However, your home life is easily one of the most affected areas.


Modifying your property to accommodate the youngsters does require some time and effort. But it’s a process that needs to be carried out for your benefit as well as theirs. Here are some key pointers to ensure you make the right upgrades.


Make these improvements now, and the family will feel better for everyone.


Keeping Your Kids Healthy Is A Mums Biggest Challenge

As our children grow, I think one of the most difficult challenges for a mum is making sure that they stay healthy. How we do this when there are so many things to watch out for is one of life's greatest mysteries. I am striving to solve it with the steps I have chosen to take to make sure my little ones do not spend most of their childhood at the doctors. Here’s what I plan on doing.


Regular Checkups

I know this is important when they are very little, but I think it’s also vital as the children grow. You need to keep taking them to the three people who will know when something is wrong. These would be, the doctor, the dentist and the opticians.Amelia is quite happy about going to the doctor and we have her first dental appointment coming up soon. this is something recommended from age 2.


Keep Up With The News

I always do my best to keep up with health news. It’s helpful to know what’s going on and what to look out for. I’m not just talking about world health news or keeping track online either. I often speak to mums in the playground, and they usually will tell me if their little one has been under the weather. At this point, I begin to constantly remind mine to wash their hands regularly. As we all know, good hygiene is one of the best shields against most forms of illness.

Exercise And Play

I haven’t had a problem getting Amelia to exercise. I often find that as long as it’s not competitive, my child loves to play outside. I know some kids thrive on competition. But, for her it’s more about just enjoying playing without the pressure of winning. It also helps if I’m taking part as well. She loves family exercise time, and we try to do this as often as possible. For instance, before the weather turns chilly my husband is trying to get out on as many bike rides as possible with her.

A Good Diet

You can’t always prevent your kids from eating rubbish. You can do your best but eventually, they’ll find a way to get the junk they crave. What you can do is make sure that they are eating healthily at home. When I go on my weekly shop, I always check any products I buy for high levels of sugar or salt. I believe that these types of foods should have warnings like other harmful substances on the packet. But, until then, I will constantly check the small print, doing my best to keep my kids healthy.

So, it might not be impossible to keep your kids healthy. But, there
certainly is a lot to think about!

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make up

HELLO!! Today I thought I would do something a bit different and share with you what beauty products I use on an average day, that sometimes even makes me look as though I've had a full nights sleep. With two kids, I've learned the art of applying my make up quickly and on average can get it done in 5 mins. I love make up and wear it everyday unless I'm not leaving the house.  For some this may not be a necessity, but I feel like a bit more "Tríona" and a bit less just Amelia and Harry's mummy when I've my make up on.I love to read these types of posts for some inspiration, so hope it does just that for you too!


Chicken Dippers and Sweet Potatoe Fries


This Annabel Karmel recipe For chicken dippers is a favourite dish for kids and adults when you just feel like having something easy! You can vary this by using your favourite flavoured crisps for the coating.

Serve with Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries (Baked).Sweet potato fries pack a nutritional punch. One baked sweet potato contains over twice the amount of vitamin A you need for the day,plus they will keep you fuller for longer in comparison to white potato.

Chicken Dippers

•Makes enough for 4 People
•Marinate Time: 1 hr
•To bake: 15 mins
•Suitable from 1 year +



For the Marinade:
•4 tbsp Natural Yogurt
•1tsp Worcestershire sauce
•1 tsp soy sauce
•1 small clove garlic crushed
•¼ tsp paprika
•¼ tsp dried oregano

•250g Chicken sliced into strips
•6 Tbsp plain flour
•1 egg
•150g crisps of your choice
•5 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese


My Simple Rules For Planning A Family Day Out In London

We always said when we left London that we would try and take Amelia back every year.This year we are taking them both to visist a spcial Father Christmas and soak up the atmosphere at Christmas.  As you might imagine, taking my four-month-old anywhere can be a bit tricky, so we are going to wait until December, when Harry is a bit bigger and hopefully easier and not on the move. That is why I make sure I have the perfect plan before I go anywhere. If you want to take your kids to the busy capital, there are loads of things to consider. Of course, you don't want anything to go wrong, and so you need things to be straightforward. Here are my simple rules. I hope they help you as much a they help me.


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