The Last Hurrah & Feeling Guilty


This might sound absolutely crazy, but from the minute I found out we were expecting baby #2, I’ve had this enormous feeling of guilt as if I’m betraying Amelia! (more…)

Exhausted Mummy, Facial Oils & A Trip To The Zoo ~ #LittleLoves

“Will it ever get easy? Will there ever be a week where one of us isn’t sick?” The two questions I asked my oldest friend yesterday, this parenting lark has taken its toll on me this week!

Before Illness Struck!!

Before Illness Struck!!


Buying For Baby #2


As much as I’d love to do a big post on a shopping haul of baby clothes for baby #2, I’m keeping quiet! We have managed to keep the sex a secret for this long, so another 8 weeks won’t kill us! (more…)

Having A Baby in Ireland Compared to the UK


Having already had my first baby under the wonderful care of the NHS (National Health Service) in London, and now 31 weeks into being a public patient under the care of the HSE (Health Service Executive) in Ireland, I thought I would put a little post together in how they compare, as it’s very hard not to. I realise how lucky I was to have had my first baby under such a fantastic health service, and while both health services are flawed in many ways, I have received really good care from both. Having said that, when you read my post below, I have to say that so far my preference would be for the NHS due to efficiency and extra services available. (more…)

Menthe Et Grenadine Shoe Review


When we went to buy Amelia’s first pair of shoes I was prepared for them to tell me she had a very narrow foot. I knew from looking at her feet they were narrow and a few friends with older children noticed it also. What I wasn’t prepared for was the poor range of shoes available on the market for narrow feet in first shoes. (more…)

Coughs,Colds,New Shoes & White Rose’s…….#LittleLoves

We are late! A day late for my weekly Friday post of #littleloves, thanks to Sky for ensuring our broadband has not worked for the last two weeks, coughs,colds, and tiredness….and using all my internet data on my phone!It’s not been the best week! Apologises to anyone that I have not replied to or my lack of commenting on other posts.

Nevertheless I’m determined to get this post up one way or another.This week one of my favourite bloggers Emma is hosting the #littleloves linky as Morgana is away. So click on Emma’s name to see her beautiful blog and catch up with the rest! (more…)

Potato and Leek Soup



Potato and Leek Soup is one of those soups that almost everyone loves. I make a huge pot of this and throw in extra vegetables. Soup is a fantastic way of using up veg that is going a bit limp rather than throw it out. (more…)

Amelia at 22 Months – Monthly Update



_MG_8184 (more…)

Picking A Baby’s Name


Choosing our baby’s name this time round has not been easy. There has been plenty of heated discussions and ignoring suggestions when it comes to the name. We have known the sex of our baby since I was 13 weeks pregnant, as we had some extra tests, and one of these tests confirmed the baby’s sex, so we have had a long time to decide on a name.

When it came to choosing Amelia’s name we I had picked and agreed on a name for both a boy and girl when I was just 7 weeks pregnant. For some unknown reason this time round has not been so easy. So I recently tried out the baby name app, Baby Name Genius (more…)

Little Loves ~ Week #7

Morning! Hope you all have had a lovely week. As always on a Friday I’m linking up with Morgana at Butwhymummywhy and the Little Loves crew to have a look back at the week.

This week I have been exhausted, at the beginning of the week I put it down to working x 2 13 hr busy shifts in a row (never again), but I think it’s more to do with that I’m now in the 3rd trimester and just need to slow down the pace a little – not something I do naturally. (more…)

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