What My Daughter Has Taught Me


Motherhood is without doubt the hardest job in the world. There is no manual,training course or “how to” book for each individual child.Its all a learning process, which will probably go on until she is well into her (Amelia’s) teens. So in her short 17 months on this planet, this little lady has taught me quite a few things about motherhood and myself.

1.Motherhood has taught me “the art of patience”. I am a list maker,organiser and planner. I have learned that babies/toddlers don’t care what is #3 on the list and that it’s meant to happen at 1:30 pm ( this is how I lived my life prior to baby). Plans are made to be broken.

2.Being a mum has taught me that sometimes I just need to listen to my own advice and instinct.Because sometimes….we just know!

3.Motherhood has taught me to just accept things. The house will be messy no matter how many times it’s cleaned, babies take their time at doing EVERYTHING,but destroy a house within seconds.Sometimes you just need to “let it go” (I break into song every time! Feckin Frozen!)

4.Motherhood has taught me, just because I am a mum,it doesn’t mean I always get it right when it comes to parenting, and yes, I do the wrong thing sometimes.

5.I learned about unconditional love when studying Hamlet at school. Being a mum has taught me to feel unconditional love.

6.Motherhood has taught me to love without selfishness.I see the world with fresh eyes,seeing and enjoying new things I would not have seen before.

7.Motherhood has thought me that being a good mum everyday is all about putting someone else’s (your child’s) needs first.

8.Time is so precious, it goes by like lightening.I have been taught to try and enjoy every moment, even the bad days, though sometimes I just want to forget them.

9.Motherhood has taught me to feel privileged.Privileged to have been pregnant, had a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

10.It has thought me that the best things in life most certainly cannot be bought.


T & A xxxx



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Love The Little Things Week #13

Friday has rolled around again, so it’s my favourite post of the week, Love The Little Things. This linky is hosted by the lovely Morgana who writes Butwhymummywhy.If you enjoy these posts,make sure to take a look at all the other fabulous bloggers taking part in the weekly #littleloves.

This week has been an emotional week for a lot of my friends and fellow mummy bloggers saying goodbye to their kids,starting their first day at school. I dread the day I have to do the same!In keep with going back to school I’m holding a Back 2 School Giveaway.

Onto this weeks look back at our week gone by…..


That I was not shortlisted in 2 of the 3 Nominated Categories in the Irish Blog Awards. Disappointed, yes, but I’m a newbie and there is always next year. I’m still in the running for Best Blog Post (yes I’m still going on about it!), for my post Pregnancy:The No Bullshit Guide. To keep me in the top 10, just vote here.You can vote every 7 days. Click Circle & Click Vote.

•I love parent/lifestyle blogs, but this week I’m back reading a lot of Beauty Blogs, I think now I’m back working I feel I can splurge a little on some products that have been recommended. I’m sure I’ve already mentioned these bloggers before, but I really do enjoy their blogs/vlogs.
Lily Pebbles
Nurse Fancy Pants
Pippa O’Connor Ormond

• Amelia got some new books in the post this week, they are oldies but goodies! She gets read a story before bed every night by her daddy.




Wentworth Prison.I’m a bit late to the game with this TV series I think, but it’s brilliant. My friend told me about at the weekend when she came to stay and knew I would love it. It’s on past my bedtime (10pm), so I recorded it and watched it when Amelia was napping. I’m hooked,cannot wait until next week.


Rather than share my very boring outfit choices this week,which more or less involved trainers & leggings as I’m out pounding the roads again after a very lazy summer. I thought I would share what I wear on my face, or use to be more exact. I am a La Roche Posay Convert. I use these three products and they have made such a difference to my skin. As a toner I just use plain Rose Water from the pharmacy.



Amelia wore this beautiful dress from Amelia Brennan. I love smock dresses and blue really suits her.



David Guetta-Lovers on The Sun. This song puts me in the mood to go out…..all night and dance!


I forgot to take a picture as I was busy, last weekend we had friends staying and I cooked one of the nights. For starters I did pan fried scallops on black pudding & rocket with balsamic glaze & olive oil. Mains – Red Thai Curry & Coconut Rice. I thought it was really good, I think they liked it too. We were all too full for desert.


Im working all weekend, I’m really enjoying being back, this is my third weekend after taking last weekend off. I have definitely made the right decision in going back to work, and it hasn’t been half as scary as I thought it would be. So if you are a stay-at-home mum going back to work or just about to go back after maternity leave, it’s really not that bad, and hope you get the balance of home v’s work that I have achieved.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend
T & A xxxx


Amelia at 17 Months ~ Monthly Update






*Dress by Amelia Brennan

17 months!Every month has seen changes in Amelia’s life, but this month we have seen the most significant changes in terms of growth and development in Amelia. If you missed the 16 month update, you can see it here.

We can (fingers crossed) finally say we have a child that sleeps through the night from 7-8 (ish), she has continually done this for the last 10 nights – hooray!

She is standing! Pulling herself from sitting to standing in furniture and in her cot. This first happened last week when I heard a rattling upstairs. It was time for her to wake from her morning nap, I went upstairs to find her standing up all on her own, with a big smile, she was obviously very proud of herself as was I.

She is feeding herself, or trying very hard to do this and is making good progress. I let her feed herself in the evenings, before bath time.I also introduced a Doidy cup, so no teeth/straw, a proper big girl cup.

She has started talking lots of gibberish and point her finger when giving out!

TEETH: 10 with the 11th in the way.

WALKING: As I said above, she is pulling herself up to a standing position against furniture, so it’s not far off. She will take some steps with us holding both her hands, or using her walker. She is still bum shuffling and quite bizarrely has now learned how to front crawl….never one to do things in order!

WORDS: loads of words now, new words recently: Nana (Banana), Two, Poo

Loves: The company of other children, building/stacking her bricks, oranges,tomatoes,cats,dogs,cows and cleaning any surface with a wet wipe.

NAPPIES: Pampers 4 +

CLOTHING:12-18mths and 18-24 mths (depending on brand)

SLEEPING: As I said above, she is finally sleeping through the night, while still having her naps during the day. I have stopped giving her a bottle when she wakes up, and just take her down for breakfast, so that’s one bottle dropped.She has a bath every night,a story and a bottle.
BEDTIME ~ 7am-8am
NAP ~ 10am-11:15am
NAP ~ 2pm-3:30pm

That’s our routine in general. We still go swimming every Wednesday, and go to the park most days. We try to meet up with some little friends every week for playdates, so that she has some interaction with other children.

Does your or did your baby/toddler still take two naps in the day?

T & A xxxx

Tuna Pasta With Creamy Tomato Sauce

Do your kids like fish? We are very lucky with Amelia, she more or less eats everything. I introduced fish early on in the weaning  process,and she seems to like it. This was the first time she had tuna fish, and she gobbled it up! She likes to eat this pasta dish herself, tea time is a messy affair in our house,as I let Amelia feed herself.

Tinned Tuna is really nutritious and a great cupboard standby!

This recipe has been taken from my Annabel Karmel Top 100 Baby Purées Book.

•Suitable from 9 mths +
•Makes 3 Portions
•Suitable for freezing


image (more…)


The evenings are getting shorter, there is a chill in the evening air and after a beautiful summer in Ireland and the UK, parents are getting ready to send their kiddies back to school. New book, bags, uniforms and for the first timers, plenty of tissues to dry the eyes of those mums and dads who are about to “let them go”.

We were recently sent a box of goodies from Smash and Nude Food Movers, who have a colourful range of high quality and durable lunch accessories.The much-loved Smash creativity is evident in every piece of the Back to School range including the latest Insulated Lunch Cases, the latest Bottle innovations and the coolest new Freeze Accessories for every age. Make eating a nutritious lunch fun with Smash’s Nude Food Movers range, helping parents and kids pack healthier and more environmentally friendly lunches.

Smash and Nude Food Movers are entirely BPA Free, Food Safe, Phthalate Free, Easy to Clean, Lead Free. The lunch accessories are sold in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Wilkinsons, ASDA, John Lewis, Lakeland and other good retailers. (more…)

Amelia’s Autumn/Winter Clothing Haul

Shopping isn’t something that gives me any pleasure anymore.I used to love nothing more than wandering around the shops on my days off, whether it was jumping on the tube and heading into Central London, driving to Westfields Shopping Centre or even the local shops, but now with very few shops available where we live,and a toddler who doesn’t share my passion for wandering aimlessly from shop to shop, online shopping has become my friend. I tend to stick to brands I know for Amelia, I know their sizes, quality etc, so I find it easier to check out their websites. Shops/websites I love since she was a newborn baby are:Boden,Little Bird by Jools Oliver for Mothercare,John Lewis,Joules,H&M and Zara. More recently I have been loving Bobby & Belles online Boutique,a classic online children’s boutique,specialising in Spanish clothing, the quality and more importantly their low price has me hooked….cue sigh from the husband, and for those who love smocked dresses I have found a great online shop Amelia Brennan,who specialises in these dresses.

I have just ordered Amelia’s autumn/winter clothes,and this will be more or less it. I buy in bulk rather than picking bits up throughout the year,as I don’t have time or the patience for shopping anymore. So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite picks so far. I have found it very hard to find sleepsuits for age 18-24 mths, so have turned to trusty John Lewis for these. PJ’s are fine, but Amelia likes to pull off the bottoms in her sleep, so an all- in-one is better for winter. Other than a winter coat and shoes,this is it.I have a navy coat from last winter that still fits,I have done a bit of DIY to it,removed the hood and changed the buttons. I have my eye on these shoes as her first pair, but until she is walking and measured I won’t know if they will be the right fit or not.


image (more…)

Love The Little Things Week #12

Happy Friday!! I can’t believe I have been taking part in “Love The Little Things” hosted by Morgana at butwhymummywhy for 3 months. I know I say it every week,but I really do enjoy writing these posts.

With Morgana on holiday this week, the lovely Jenny from Let’s Talk Mommy is hosting this week.Please be sure to check out all the other lovely mummies & their brilliant blogs.

So let’s roll onto this weeks #littleloves


Not much reading going in here, although I have finally got round to reading and picking some recipes from my ‘Bible’ The Silver Spoon, a recipe book of authentic Italian Cooking which was a Christmas present from my husband a last year. I love this book, the recipes are genuine and I love the look of the book.


image (more…)

Supersoft Cloud Playdough

I’m forever trying to come up with new ideas of ways to entertain Amelia, especially activities that aid her development and fine motor skills. Ciara over at “Our Little House In The Country“, has some brilliant arts and crafts ideas for indoor and outdoor play.If you are looking for inspiration on what to do with your child today, pop over and take a look.

I have previously made an edible, regular playdough mix, when Amelia was younger, but she just ate it and didn’t show any interest in playing with it. This supersoft stringy and soft to touch. You can add colours or glitter.

*Please note, this recipe is not able to be digested, so please ensure the kids keep it out of their mouth.



1 part conditioner

2 parts corn flour/corn starch

Food colouring (optional)

1.Pour your conditioner into a bowl (note that not all conditioners are of the same consistency so you may need to add a little more or a little less corn flour to get the right consistency for you)

2.Pour in the corn flour

3.Give the mixture a good stir

4.Add a few drops of food colouring

5.Mix well using your hands

6.Have FUN moulding, squishing, shaping and playing with your new Playdough!



Butternut Squash & Red Pepper Soup

Autumn is most definitely on the way, the evenings are getting cooler and drawing in, even tempting me to put on the heat some evenings, but I have held back! This soup is a quick and easy recipe,a warmer upper,perfect for freezing, so on the nights you just don’t feel like cooking, it makes a quick tea. We had this for tea yesterday and in the words of Amelia, it was “yummy yum yum”.
Soup is ideal for younger babies, no chewing involved,and for those older children serve with toast or bread soldiers for dipping.

•Suitsble from 9mths +
•Suitable for freezing

•Butternut squash is a pain to peel, it’s like carving a tree, to make life easier, pop a whole squash into the oven on a baking tray, add enough water to the tray to cover 1/4 of the squash. Place on a high heat until the skin has caramelised. Leave to cool,peel the skin and scoop out the seeds.




image (more…)