A Christening,A Wedding & A Hangover…..#LittleLoves


Good morning, I’m a bit late this morning with my Little Loves post! I usually write it on a Thursday, but yesterday my husband was finished work early so we went out with Amelia and Harry for the afternoon…..as a friend said to me “midweek family time is rare”, and its true, so I actually forgot all about todays post until I was in bed last night and I was far too tired to be writing anything at that point!

As always on a Friday I’m linking up with Morgana and the girls over at butwhymummywhy, taking look back over our week. The weekend was a special one for us as we had Harry Christened. We had a lovely day with our family. That night we headed put with my brother and sister and their partners and ended up with a sore head the next day!! The four bottles of prosecco & copious gin & tonics (which were amazing, Hendricks with a sliver of cucumber and cracked black pepper) were worth it! (more…)

Hoisin-Glazed Salmon with Crunchy Apple Salad


Good morning, welcome back to Tasty Thursday. Over the last few weeks I’ve been busy posting a lot of adult dinners and snacks! Today I’m back with a child friendly dinner, and its fish! (more…)

Vax Steam Fresh Combi Multifunction 15-in-1 Steam Cleaner


A few weeks after Harry was born VAX very kindly sent me their 15-in-1 Combi Steam Cleaner. Sad as it may sound, I got so excited to see the courier arrive at my door with a big box that was going to make my life easier and the house cleaner! Any mum will tell you that having toddlers and kids around the house guarantees you grubby floors. (more…)

Here’s How I Would Tackle A Child’s Birthday Party

I’ve been talking to some friends lately about the birthday parties they are throwing for their kids. Back in my day, I think I recall it was a bit of popcorn, sweeties and some jelly and ice-cream.These days, a lot more goes into the event, and they are starting at earlier ages than I remember too!

Some parents book up a soft play center for a couple of hours. This may be a little expensive, but it saves your home getting wrecked by over excited toddlers! However, I’m not sure it would be something I want to start with as a first major birthday party for my kids. I’m enjoyed looking preparing a party at home, and making all the food. (more…)



Like Month 1 & Month 2, Harry turning 3 months has come around too quickly. I really want him to stay small forever. He is such a gentle boy. Rarely cries, is always smiling, gigling and remains to be a pleasure around. Even if he wasnt my little boy, I would still think all of this.He has a lovely nature and is a laid back little boy who loves to eat and sleep.

DSC_0379~2 (more…)

Adapting The Home For Children

When adapting your home for children safety and practicality have got to take priority, with children excelling in finding and reaching for the most dangerous items in the household, ruining your cream carpets with their muddy footprints just to show you the worm they dug up in the garden. It’s down to you to make life a little easier on yourself.

Think colour

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when adapting your home for your children but it could save you a lot of money in the long run. Your room may look beautiful but there is no point having a room that cannot meet the demands of your hectic family life.
Protect your walls from food being flung across the room and baby sick covering the walls by opting for a darker paint to hide all those blemishes, mix with bold colours which will brighten up your home in a stylish way. Colour allegedly helps to stimulate brain growth … you aren’t only hiding those mucky prints but you are also helping your child’s brain develop as well. (more…)

*Most Used Home Appliances


*In collaberation with Panasonic

What kitchen appliances have you got in your kitchen? I bet a lot of you are like me and have a cupboard full of unused mixers, blenders, gadgets,appliances that promise to save you time cutting and chopping – you use them once and go back to the trusty sharp knife and chopping board!I love to cook and bake, so inevitably when a new “must have gadget” to help you cook better or saves time comes out, I’m always eager to get my hands on it, only for it to be abandoned to the back of the cupboard.

Our microwave recently stopped working,so we pulled out our”spare” one. (again stored away just in case), that was obviously in storage far too ling as it literally nearly went up in smoke! We thought we didn’t use a microwave much, but when its gone like everything else, you miss it! I forgot that on cold mornings I heat Amelia’s milk.for her cereal, my porridge is in a sachet to be heated in the microwave and so on. It really has become the kitchen appliance staple in most homes across the world.

Did you know that there are over 30 million microwaves sold across the world each year.

What are your most used and favourite home appliances?

Take a look at this infograph from Panasonic, who have researched what our most used home appliances are;

Home-Appliances-v1 (1)

Chicken Tserepa


Recently I was challenged by Jet2Holidays to take part in their Cuisine Country Challenge. I was given a list of countries to choose from and a budget of £20. The country I chose was Kefalonia, as I have previously lived in Greece and love the food. (more…)

Wedding Anniversary,Beach Dancing & Afternoon Tea ~ #LittleLoves


Good morning folks, and TGIF for those of you who have been working all week! This week has gone by way way too fast. We came back from my parents on Wednesday and it has been a non stop flurry of unpacking,cleaning and getting ready for Harry’s christening tomorrow.

As always on a Friday I’m linking up with Morgana and the gang over at butwhymummywhy with our #littleloves, a reflection of the past week. (more…)

Tasty Thursday|Chunky Guacamole & Homemade Tortilla Chips


Good morning, welcome back to Tasty Thursday! Today I’m sharing with you my favourite Guacamole and Tortilla Chip recipe. Perfect for a tasty snack over the weekend or if you have a party coming up it’s the perfect dip to leave on the table.

If you are like me and always have a few Tortilla’s left over either from making fajitas or these Pizzas, I always end up.throwing out the leftover ones! Now I make these quick and easy Tortilla Chips. (more…)

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