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A Romantic Getaway….The 4* Maryborough Hotel and Spa Cork



WHEN one has children, one takes every opportunity to escape as fast as one’s legs will carry one. So when the lovely people at The Marybourough Hotel and Spa in Cork invited us to stay for a two night romantic break away, we didn't have to think twice. Well, actually we did. We had to think whether to take the kids or not. Having not been away on a break, just on our own pre-Amelia (bar the weddings, but they don't count), it didn't take too long to decide to leave them in the capable hands of their Granny for two nights. Win, win all round, they got spoiled and we didn't have to worry.



When It All Changes…..

'Daughters, hold our hands for a little while. But hold our hearts forever'


Last night I sent a text to one of our groomsmen, his wife had a baby 6 weeks ago and I was asking how they all were! He replied saying he couldn't believe how quickly the last 6 weeks have gone, and I replied try having a 3.5 year old. And when I wrote it down before my eyes, I really couldn't believe, that WE had a 3.5 year old. I know well seasoned mums will roll their eyes, she is only 3.5 years, still a baby to some people, and they know that every year goes by so quickly and every year brings big changes, some not so good, others amazing.


Ways To Make Money While Studying At Home


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The student lifestyle is hard to maintain when there are so many financial outgoings. Maybe you are already working behind the student bar, but it’s not enough to keep your head above water. If you feel like there are not enough hours in the day to maintain a proper living and complete your studies, there are ways around it. Thanks to the internet you don’t need to even venture out of the house for a 12 hour shift at your local factory, instead you can work from home, and via a PayPal account, get money transferred into your account. Here are some ways to do it.


Lounge In Luxury: How To Pick The Perfect Sofa For Your Lifestyle


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We probably spend the most amount of time in our living rooms when it comes to our home life (bar poor Mum who most likely does the equivalent in the kitchen)! But if we think about our living room, does it live up to how we spend our time? The sofa is without a doubt the item of furniture used the most in this room. We use it for lounging, relaxing, watching movies, snuggling and sometimes napping. And if you have pets, they probably use it too. So today I’m going to look at how to pick the perfect sofa for your lifestyle so that you can get the best out of lounging in luxury.  


Are You Better Off Reusing The Space For Something Else?

For most people, a patio is a place where all the family can relax and enjoy their garden. It offers a brilliant venue for summer barbecues and a spot of sunbathing. But, for some of us, our patios look horrible and are somewhat unusable.


Chicken Katsu Curry For The Whole Family



Chicken Katsu Curry. This dish has been made famous in the UK by the restaurant Wagamama and now we're sharing with you how to make it for yourself! A simple Japanese curry consisting of crispy breaded chicken, a mound of rice and a glossy curry sauce. The sauce is made from apple, celery, spring onion and curry powder blitzed together. The sweetness of the apple is what makes this a winner all round.

Cooking.One of things I like to do the most, but I never have much time to experiment very much anymore. When I first started out with this blog, I posted a new recipe for all the family to enjoy every week, as well as my weanig series that I posted while weaning Harry. I'm obviously still cooking my kids dinner every day, but with work and two kids at my feet, I need to be able to cook something quickly. It's easy to go back to the same things again and again, especially the dinners I know they will eat, but really, that wouldn't be doing them any favours in developing their taste buds. You can see two years worth of weaning and family friendly recipes here.


What London Means To Me….


London. The place dreams are made, long-term friendships develop, a place that can swallow you up and spit you out just as quickly, a place opportunities are created and the place people work themselves so hard they cry if a tourist gets in their way. And a place that will forever be part of our story.

We recently booked our flights to London for December, it our annual trip that we plan to make every year with the kids. It's a time to catch up with friends, visit a special Santa Claus, and I suppose get our little "hit" of London Town, because no matter how many times we reassure ourselves we have done the right thing in moving home, part of us will always be there. It's where our careers began, we lived there through our engagement, our wedding, the birth of our daughter, where we met lifetime friends and 100 other great events that means it will always hold a special place in our hearts. So while I'm so looking forward to our trip, part of me already knows that I'll leave with a heavy heart, promise everyone I'll come back on my own in a few months….but it never happens! Life is busy, their lives are busy and I don't think I'd be allowed go back alone, for fear of start looking for a job and might never return back home 😂 I wrote before exactly what those friends meant to me here, when I first started the blog. They were my backbone living in a country with no family around, a position most Londoners find themselves in when they have their first child. 


Forget Spring: Autumn Cleaning Is Where It’s At

Spring cleaning is a great way to spruce up your home during a transitional period of the year. But spring isn't the only season of change. When autumn begins, the weather turns colder and the nights continue to get darker. Before you know it, it's dark by 5 pm, and you can't walk around the house without slippers on. It's just as important to get ready for autumn and winter as it is to prepare for spring and summer. In fact, in the UK, it's probably more important. Ensuring you can stay warm and dry through the colder months is essential. Get through these autumn cleaning and maintenance tasks to prepare for cooler temperatures.



To Rent Or Buy?

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.


Whether you’re newlyweds starting out, a middle-age couple downsizing or going it alone, you too will likely need to figure out the economics of renting vs. buying at some point. Having rented for years and now making the leap going from tenants to owners of our new build, I'm not going to lie, the scale of what we are about to undertake scares me! On top of a mortgage, there's other bills to consider, that until now, we could pass the buck to our landlord. For decades, it was ruled that buying was the smart choice. After all, when you rented you were just “throwing money away,” while when you bought you were “building equity.”


Internet Safety and Our Kids

Today, the internet is everywhere around us on mobile phones, games consoles, ipods etc.


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