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Tips For Beating The Winter Blues


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Winter traditionally sees an increase in the number of respiratory infections such as colds and influenza across the UK – and whilst the exact reasons for this aren’t known, a number of theories exist. Whether it’s a result of an increase in the regularity that large crowds spend together in poorly-ventilated spaces, or immune systems being weakened by prolonged exposure to cold weather, doctors are undecided – but they all agree on a few ways to best protect your family.


4 Ideas For Saving For Your Child’s Future

Do you know how much raising a child costs in the UK? I was shocked to learn that on average, parents spend close to £230,000 on their first child by the time they are 21. Given that children aren't leaving home until their late twenties, it’s clear that those costs don’t stop for some time afterward.

Looking at this astonishing figure, there’s no doubt that saving for your child’s future has never been more important. I thought I would have a look around for some of the best ideas out there, and share them with you. Here’s what I found – and let me know if you have any more to add!


Our Weaning Journey Series ~ Week #5



Welcome back to our weaning journey series. Hope you have enjoyed Week 1|Week 2|Week 3|Week 4 and they have inspired you to cook for your child and try something new!

Harry is a monster when it comes to eating.He is 7 months today and has been really enjoying his food (this is an understatement!!),I look at the bowl of food and think, this is probably too much he won't eat that but the boy is short of licking the bowl! He grunts at me to feed him quicker!

We are now onto 3 meals a day. He has a bottle when he first wakes. Breakfast is at 8am, he either has Heinz Baby Porridge with a cube of fruit puree,lunch is 6 cubes of puree and sips of water at 11:30am followed by a bottle.Dinner is 6 cubes of puree and some fruit puree around 4pm.He is probably thing around 3oz if water in the day in total as well as his bottles.



Alflorex Reader Offer Final Pic-1


Good afternoon folks! Today I have a gorgeous giveaway! This lambswool hotwater bottle from Alflorex as well as a 3 months supply of Alflorex Precisionbiotics.

Already a favourite among sufferers of menstrual cramps, the humble hot water bottle offers cosy comfort for digestive upsets and tummy problems. Having a busy life with a stressful job or a family to look after can severely limit time spent relaxing. However, simply reclining with a hot water bottle can soothe and help relax cramping muscles. This can be done while watching tv or even having a cup of tea.


How To Make The Most Of A Small Living Space

Is your living space not as big as you would like?

While right now we have plenty of space, I know exactly what it's like to lice in smaller spaces, there was three of us in a one bedroom flat in London and I really had to figure out ways to ensure I was using all the space we had.

A lot of homeowners struggle with the size of their home, mainly because it doesn’t have enough space for their needs. And, it is not like you can just move home to a bigger property because high prices are astronomical at the moment. All you can do is try your hardest to make it bigger or to make at least it look bigger. Luckily, there are a few ways to achieve your goal. Just take a look at the list below for inspiration.


Briliant Ideas To Hone Your Cooking Skills

As Christmas comes around the corner all too soon, I’ve been thinking of ways to knock my culinary skills into shape. Or, at least add some new flavours and recipes to my repertoire. As you know, I love cooking and baking almost as much as I love running. But that doesn’t mean I think there isn’t any room for improvement. I’m looking forward to increasing my skills in the kitchen and with that in mind, here are some of my ways. I think these tips are going to help us all become better chefs. I warn you though some are quite drastic while others are rather exciting. Shall we get started then?


When A Little Message Means A Lot…..



There have been many times over the last two years I wonder should I just call a halt to my blog. It's hard not to compare it to other sleek parent blogs out there, and there are A LOT! 

Recently I have been looking at my Instagram feed, it's not the most visually pretty, pinterest worthy of IG pages, especially compared to so many that I love to follow that are clean, monochrome, pastels, white washboard backgrounds, etc the ones that are visually appealing! I snap my pictures and post them, without giving too much thought of what's in the background. I have thought of cleaning it up a bit and making it more streamlined.


4 Small Changes That Save Big Money In The Home

All of us look at ways to save money around the home, right? Every penny counts these days, and as the price of living rises most people will be looking for clever things to do around the home that will cost us less. So, I thought I would offer you some tips on some small changes that you can make that can have a significant impact. Here are five of the best money-saving tips I have picked up over the years.

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Potty Training…..Our Story



I have been a bit reluctant to write this post, as it will be sods law that it will go belly up once I press publish. BUT, it would seem that we have cracked day-time potty training and in the interest of potentially helping someone else, because God knows I "Googled" enough  and asked so many people for advice that if anything I did helps, then the time will be well spent writing this.

I don't have any tricks or unknown tips of how we did it, because it simply came down to Amelia being ready at 2 years and 7 months. I tried to potty train her about two months ago, and it was just not happening. Three days into potty training she had only done a wee in the potty just once. She was getting distressed by the whole thing and I was getting stressed. On day two I sent her to nursery, as they said they would help, but it ended up with her in three changes of clothes. She just wasn't ready.

So I left it a couple of weeks, until one day she asked to go wee wees in her potty. I ran for it, placed her on it and from there we have had only one accident. This was three days in, when I decided I would go mad if we didn't get out of the house, so we took her bike around our street. She weed, told me and  hated being wet and cold. So maybe this worked in both our favours.


Best Excuses For Taking The Kids To Lapland Now

Being a parent is a thrilling and sometimes exhausting ride. You get such thrill from things as simple as a first outfit, a real lovely pair of children’s boots, sharing a book that you both love. Every parent wants to give their children the best of everything life has to offer. The real key to that bond you share is building through doing things together.

Perhaps you are already looking forward to a birthday or even sharing Christmas?. You want your beautiful children to have experiences that you only dream about. The memories you create today will be with you forever. Holidays are no exception. Surely a visit to Lapland has to be up there with one of the most magical adventures that you could experience with your children.


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